Winter is coming or so they say..

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest series to hit the Tv screens in a long time, based on a series of fantasy novels named A song of ice and fire..


Set in a fictional seven Kingdoms of Westeros and Essos and based on the constant battle between noble families  for the Iron throne..

“ Once forgotten and reduced to ancient legend the white walkers have emerged from the frozen north, bringing with them the chill of winter land and the promise of destruction and terror.


Their tall blades of ice are said to be capable of slicing through iron and with their silent icy blue gaze they are deemed to be a chilling sight..

When you see the undead coming you know..



The series of shows has reached epic proportions and is well loved the world over and with that comes the many gimmicks and items that are linked to the show in order to jump on the successful bandwagon..

That then brings us to why this feature is linking to the successful Game of thrones.. Well those people behind the Diageo name have decided to bring out a series of bottlings in  order to celebrate the success of the series.. Eventually there will be a few bottlings from some of Diageo’s finer distilleries including the likes of Lagavulin, Talisker, Dalwhinnie and Oban..

First up though is the White walker by JohnnieWalker which is a limited edition and comes packaged in a rather fetching iced theme bottling that instructs you to freeze the bottle in order to reveal an “unexpected icy reveal” Well apparently “winter is here” !!

So bottled at 41.7% abv I don’t expect this will be natural colour nor NCF..

“From the freezer”

Nose.. Sadly bland.. The faintest of vanilla with a touch of damp oak..

Palate.. Massively better ( not)

Finish.. Quick.

Dont bother freezing this in order to drink.. Although the bottle does change and looks great..

Ok now at room temperature..

Nose.. Vanilla, apples, citrus and a little cinnamon..

Palate.. Peppery with spices and subtle fresh fruits, a little more sweetness and some oak, plenty of youngish grain notes..

Finish.. A little oak and spice..

Thoughts.. When frozen this is not overly pleasant but at room temperature then it is certainly drinkable..


At £35 ish this is more a collectible bottle for a series of good looking bottles.. I do expect this to be the weakest in the line up and of course the cheapest!

It is hard to say where this bottle should sit, I’m sure many people out there will have their opinion as to where that might be and probably most of those will not have actually bothered to try this..

They will of course still shout loudly about it !!

Buy it as a collectible item and drink it as a base line blended whisky which is exactly what this is ! It’s not a world beating single malt and has not been promoted as one either..

Pour a little coke in this, pour some ginger ale or lemonade into it and it is probably a pleasant drink..

So my advice is if you are a fan of Game of thrones then buy it for the “ gimmick” this is, get the set and proudly gaze upon what might be a set of great looking bottles..


You know this is going to get a lot of criticism from those who like to criticise things without trying them..  They might be right of course but make your own mind up.. It’s a collectible item for your own entertainment..

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