Beth Havers has been the Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador since 2011. After moving to Scotland in 2003, she fell in love with whisky after visiting Talisker on the Isle of Skye. It was an easy decision two years later when she moved back to Canada to look for and find a position in the whisky industry. She started out in sales and after spending 6 years at Diageo learning as much as she could about wine and spirits, she decided to apply for a William Grant and Sons Ambassador position with the Peter Mielzynsky Agency (PMA). She was the candidate of choice and 7 years later, she couldn’t be happier.

With millions of cases sold globally every year, Glenfiddich is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The distillery has won numerous awards for its design, visitor centre experience and in this writer’s opinion, it’s the best place to sit fireside and eat haggis, tatties and neeps if you are visiting the Dufftown area of Scotland. Glenfiddich has always had a fantastic selection, but this year they have added some new and exciting bottlings that are now available in Canada. Malt Master Brian Kinsman, who was responsible for the creation of the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Distillery Edition, is also the mastermind behind the new Experimental Series.

“In a time when distilleries are looking to create new products, Brian is one to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. That is true of these new whiskies as well,” Beth said. By working outside the normal whisky profiles and partners, Brian decided to collaborate with a local brewer by the name of Seb Jones to create an IPA beer that would be used to season Glenfiddich American Oak casks. This resulted in Glenfiddich IPA Experiment. Mr. Kinsman also decided to work with a team of Brand Ambassadors by giving them the opportunity to each select a cask to go into a truly unique whisky comprised of 17 bourbons, 2 sherries and 1 port cask (selected by Beth) which was bottled at 47% ABV (alcohol by volume). The final product is a smooth and delicious whisky called Glenfiddich Project XX. The last innovative project that Brian spearheaded is Glenfiddich Winter Storm, which has roots right here in Canada. For years, Beth had been telling Brian about ice wine and what a unique finish it would have on Glenfiddich whisky. He visited Canada to meet with Craig McDonald, head Wine Maker at Peller Estates, to talk about how to make this finish a reality and two years later, Glenfiddich Winter Storm was born.

Beth enthusiastically shared that many more new and experimental whiskies are up Brian’s sleeve and she can’t wait until Canadians get to try them. Beth travels to many parts of Canada, sometimes criss-crossing our country 5 to 6 times a year, but her love and passion for what she does never wanes. Beth makes it a point to ensure she attends many of the whisky festivals in Eastern Canada and she’s in high demand. This year in Halifax, Beth is honoured and excited to host one of her favourite types of events – a whisky and chocolate pairing at The Port on Friday, March 2. She will be introducing the new Experimental Series into the Nova Scotia market and what better way to do that then by pairing them with one of the best chocolatiers in Nova Scotia, Rousseau Chocolatier? Beth will also be hosting a sold out Master Class event as part of the NSLC Festival of Whisky on Saturday, March 3.

There is nothing more decadent than a fantastic Scotch whisky and a sinfully delicious chocolate creation. Add Beth’s upbeat personality and level of knowledge, and you have the perfect match.

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